The Tale of Digital Friends

Silicon Valley Ninja is reckoned as the world-class digital marketing company situated in the USA. However, we’d like to correct all those who have heard our name or partnered with us that we are not any company, but a team of friends that work together to serve the needs of our clients. From one foot in India, to the other in the USA, we have our triumphs in the UK, and Australia also.

What started off as ‘Work From Home’ regime, quickly turned into a platform to serve small and large ventures across the globe to fulfill their dreams of be #1 on the global charts. Silicon Valley has successfully established a philosophy centred on creating tailored digital solutions pertaining to the various issues experienced by the clients. For us, helping the clients achieve their desired results is like living our own dreams.

Started off with just 3, today we are hundreds in number. Each member of our team specializes in a particular field related to digital marketing including SEO, SMO, Content, Email marketing, PPC, etc.

We love to see the happy and contented faces of our clients. Hence, we hope we’ll be able to make our clients happy the same way we’ve been doing over the years.

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